Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday, Juju!

April 20 is the day I celebrate Juju's birthday, so she is now 2 years old! She got a new "monkey" (i.e. toy--this one was a green frog) from PetSmart.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring Break in Virginia

I thought it was time I posted a few pictures of my spring break trip to Virginia for those of you who don't have access to Facebook!

I flew from Indy to Norfolk (via Detroit) on Tuesday, March 25 and flew back on Friday, March 28, so I only got to spend a couple of days with Tim & Kristen, but we had a great time. And the weather was terrific with highs warming up to the 70's and near 80 Thursday and Friday!

Tim & Kristen hospitably opened their apartment to me and even got me an air mattress to sleep on! We enjoyed walking around their neighborhood at the "swamplands" of the Elizabeth River...don't get Tim started on that! ;) Kristen and I enjoyed going to the mall that evening while Tim was at work.

Wednesday we enjoyed seeing the Nauticus Museum in Norfolk and touring the U.S.S. Wisconsin, both free and open to the public. We enjoyed chatting with one of the guides about the ironclads Monitor & Merrimac (C.S.S. Virginia). Kristen & I went to church at Colonial without Tim since he had to work.

I enjoyed seeing the green grass, flowering trees, and flowers because we haven't seen much of that in Indiana yet...although it's coming! We enjoyed walking along Chesapeake Bay enjoying the sun!

Thursday Tim took the day off and we drove to Jamestown--after we had a great breakfast and chapel time at Tim's seminary. We enjoyed the great museum there and all the great exhibits.

Tim & Kristen enjoyed trying on the 17th century armor.

I enjoyed touring the ships Susan Constance, Godspeed, and Discovery.

Kristen made us some great food, including the lunch we packed.

In Williamsburg (after having been at Jamestown) we stopped at this HUGE Yankee Candle store--it was HUGE! It was so big it even had a fudge shop inside! That evening we ate out at Cracker Barrel and rented "I Am Legend"--which was scarier than we had thought!--and enjoyed a movie night.

Friday we were able to get in a game of Settlers of Cataan before I had to head to the airport. And another episode or so of the Cosby show, which they had borrowed from the library. Those were some good ol' episodes!

It was a blast seeing Tim & Kristen!