Friday, June 20, 2008


A couple of weeks ago I went to the local DQ Grill and Chill and decided to order a Mocha Moolatte, an amazing frozen blended drink made from ice cream, coffee, and who knows what else. The cashier did something naughty. She handed me a Moolatte Free-quency card with one punch in it. I only had to buy 4 more moolattes to get one free. Of course, you know me and coupons. I had to make good on this deal. So the last couple of weeks I've taken the opportunity to indulge on these cool drinks--which I think are a much better deal than a Starbucks Frappucino. My favorite is the mocha, but the French Vanilla is also good. Cappucino is okay. And I don't think I've tried the Caramel yet. I guess that will be next one; after all, it's free!

Community Center Volunteering

This is Main Street of the Faith Community Center where I've been spending some time volunteering this summer. When my church decided to build a Community Center, I thought it would be a neat place to spend some time volunteering. opened last year, and guess what? I didn't make it over there to volunteer at all during the school year. This summer I was encouraged/invited to spend a few hours working at the Front Desk and the Cup of Faith Cafe, especially since I have the summer "off" of work. I decided to make the plunge and sign up for a few hours each week. It is REALLY FUN to work at the Community Center--whether it's doing laundry, checking people in to the Fitness Center or pool, or even doing daycare. Today I learned how to make sandwiches, ice cream orders, and espresso drinks. It has been a blast! It is a good chance to be able to visit and talk with people, too. If you go to Faith, I would encourage you to consider volunteering a few hours of your time to serving at the Community Center. I have enjoyed it so much and I look forward to spending more time there this summer!