Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Dog Ownership 101

Here is a compilation of a few things I've learned in the last 5+ years of dog ownership:

Dogs destroy things.
Dogs like to eat/chew.
Dogs love to rip the stuffing out of stuffed animals.
If you leave the garbage in a reachable place, it will be gotten into.
Dogs will chew anything plastic, including coffee cans and tupperware.
Powdered sugar, chocolate, muffins, cakes, cocoa powder, cookies--all should be kept out of a dog's reach.
Taller dogs can reach higher up on the counter.
Don't leave treats in a reachable location; they can chew through the box.
Dogs can chew the plastic lids off gallon bottles--even if they're full.
Dogs can find the gum in your purse.
Dogs can sniff out the granola bars in your purse, even if you forgot they were there.
Dogs are no respecter of purses: Coach tastes just as good as the next.
Dogs are expensive.
Heels taste good.
Pens taste good.
Plastic letter magnets taste good.
Checks taste good.
Bills taste good.
Napkins are meant to be eaten.
The favorite time to destroy things in the house is 2 AM.
& Dogs stink.

Yet I still love my dog! Having a dog has definitely taught me the importance of not setting your affections on things on this earth. (Col. 3:2) Material things are only that--material and temporary. Dogs also have a way of showing you what's in your heart and allowing God to change and mold you. "Only the Word of God and the souls of men are eternal."