Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Good Surprise

My mom and my sister Rachel surprised me by coming to visit us this weekend!!!! Sarah knew about it and helped plan it all. It was kind of for my birthday (and to help celebrate my mom's and Rachel's birthdays, too)! Sarah took me out to Texas Roadhouse for my birthday Friday night. Before we ordered, she sent me out to fetch something from the car, and--and, lo and behold--there were Mom and Rachel standing out around the corner! I was completely surprised. I don't remember what exactly I said, but Rachel says that I said "Are you serious?" So they ate with us too and we enjoyed a nice meal together. Rachel and Sarah went to Indy yesterday (Saturday) while Mom and I did Faith's graduation and the open house thing. We hit 9 open houses!

Today (Sunday) we did church (of course) then Moe's, then 2 more open houses before we had a sisters outing to Pirates 3! I really liked the movie.

Mom and Rachel have to leave in the morning, but I'm thankful they were able to come down and Rachel took the time off of work to visit!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Right Place, Right Time

So I was walking in the hallway at school today and saw Pastor Dutton come out of the gym with a Starbucks coffee in his hand. I jokingly asked, "Is that for me?" He replied, "Do you drink coffee?" I said I did. "I was just looking for someone to give this vanilla latte to!" Free Starbucks vanilla latte for me! As Mark left, he said, "Right place. Right time!" :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bloody Noses & Overflowing Toilets

Ever have one of those interesting days? Today I ended up in the bathroom with a kindergartener with a bloody nose. The Shout wipes I have in my purse came in handy to try to get the blood off of his shirt. But I haven't had to deal with that kind of problem in a while. Then I got called upon to find a custodian to come take care of an overflowing toilet. Talk about being a little bit out of the norm.

A Yearly Ritual

Besides turning a year older at the end of the school year, May is a very busy time of year for me. Every year I promise myself that I will get started on things earlier the next year and won't procrastinate so much...but every year it happens again!

But I have now successfully made it through 4 Spring Programs for Faith Christian School, both accompanying and making PowerPoint presentations for all. I am in the midst of rehearsals for Kindergarten graduation (Thursday night) and high school graduation (Saturday). Then somehow I take on extra responsibilities...some of my own projects and some for others. I somehow end up taking pictures for classrooms, bringing my accordian into 3rd grade and singing camp songs, having a piano recital, doing piano progress reports, spending COUNTLESS hours putting together a 72-minute DVD (and of course recording background music for it, adding sound effects, making a gag reel, and making a nice picture cover for it--and making 25 copies of it and 25 copies of a 361-picture CD). And of course when the DVD doesn't save (when I've been up until 2:30 AM working on finalizing it) troubleshooting it over the next 2 days trying to get it to save (and THEN duplicating it)! Oh, and cleaning my house, making a cake, helping with the Cakewalk for EagleFair, etc.

So I've been on the computer a lot lately but every spare minute was spent on this crazy DVD project, which is a lot of fun but a BIG time-eater. So sorry I haven't updated my blog or even read email lately. I didn't get on Facebook to read my birthday messages until 2 days later!

I WAS going to do some scrapbooking too, but of course that hasn't happened...that can wait until next week when school's out now!

I think, however, that down deep I thrive on the thrill of the last-minute crunch. But now I'm so exhausted I think it will take me all summer to recover!

Sorry, gotta go make graduation cards and work on the powerpoint for Kindergarten graduation!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Monday, May 07, 2007

Lawn Mowing

In all the crazy busy-ness at the end of the school year, sometimes you just want to go outside and enjoy the sun. Tonight was my second time mowing my own lawn. Yes, that's right, my electric lawn mower arrived! And I haven't run over the cord...yet! Actually, technically, I've only mowed my lawn once. Because as I got the mower out tonight the neighbor boy offered to mow it for me (free of charge this time). So he brought over his mower and his weed eater and we did the lawn in no time.