Monday, June 25, 2007

Tim's Wedding!

Friday Sarah and I drove up to Portage, MI (near Kalamazoo--just 3 hours away) for my brother's rehearsal and wedding. We got into the area about 2:00 p.m., with time to practice music and get things ready for the rehearsal at 4:30. Afterwards we had dinner at Old Country Buffet then chilled at Kristen's parents' house (with most of the family that was there), watching a video that Tim made and playing Apples to Apples.

New friends: Kelly, Korie, and Michelle

Dave Wetzel and Ben Stiemsma

Photographs were supposed to begin at 11:30 (the wedding was at 1:30)...most people were there by 11:30.

Matt & Rachel Eliason

Mom and the Bride :)

Here's proof that Les & Dave arrived AFTER 11:30, with suits in hand, but not quite ready to go... ;) (Don't tell Kristen or Tim, I'm not sure they know this yet...)

We had quite a good crew of the Helfinstine/Hill clan there so here's an extended family picture--Uncle Dave & Aunt Karen Helfinstine (the MN connection), Aunt Elaine & Uncle Doug Kari (from MI), Aunt Marlene Edwards (CT), Brian & Amy Pentti (MN), Becky Beckman, and Dave Pentti (AZ)! It was so good to see everyone and get caught up.

Here's the siblings. Now half of us are married!

The Beautiful Bride & Handsome Groom

After the wedding we met family for supper at Texas Roadhouse and then Sarah and I headed back to Lafayette.

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous. I played the piano for the ceremony and the reception, but from what I could see it seemed to go well! I love Kristen and her family. I think she is the perfect help meet for Tim, and I look forward to seeing how God blesses their new household. They went to Arizona (Grand Canyon) for a week for their honeymoon, but they will continue to live in Virginia Beach, VA. Tim has another year of seminary, and Kristen will continue teaching 2nd grade (I believe) next year. I guess they'll have to follow the Lord's leading from there! I might get to see them when they make a trip to the U.P. next week, because I'll be going up there, too. CONGRATULATIONS, MR. & MRS. TIMOTHY HILL!

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Anonymous said...

That is sooo exciting! I love the picture of the siblings! Glad you were able to have a fun time! See you tonight!