Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Juju & Donkey

Juju made some new friends the past couple weekends. Our church holds its annual Living Nativity for a couple of weekends before Christmas. Even though the weather wasn't the greatest (lots of rain the first weekend and snow the next) we still had 5 out of 6 nights as regularly scheduled. Since I had to take Juju for a walk anyway those nights, I made it a goal of walking through the 12 scenes every night it was open--which I accomplished! I was one of the first ones through the 1st night and saw them tearing it down the last night!

Juju loved the live donkeys and the sheep. In fact, on the Monday night after we had gone the last 3 consecutive nights she STILL pulled to go see the donkeys--even though they weren't there, of course! The picture is of Juju licking a donkey's face (apparently the donkey was named "Titus").

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Timothy said...

Juju likes the donkeys...How cute!