Tuesday, January 22, 2008

TK & Rachel

Yay! Congratulations to TK & Rachel, winners of the 12th season of the CBS show "The Amazing Race," which I am addicted to. There was a group of us watching the finale on Sunday night (Sarah, Leah Miller, Courtney Blake, and Sarah Denny) and we were SO HAPPY when Rachel solved the puzzle first, because we were really rooting for this young couple. They were just so calm and nice on the whole race--both to each other and to the other racers. Yes, nice guys CAN finish first! I am excited that Phi Koegan said during the interview on the Early Show Monday morning that they are planning for Season 13! I can't wait until it starts again!


Mary Ann said...

I'm with you - the race is addictive & I really was glad TK & Rachel won. We had a little party too (my sister's family, my parents, & my boyfriend who would have rather been watching football). Such a great show & I can't wait for it to start again!

Angela Mellema said...

I'm an AR fan too, Beth! I was glad to see them win, and kind of glad that it took the grandpa/grandson team so long to finish the puzzle :) They cracked me up though. I thought it was a really good race this season! Yay for Season 13!

Anonymous said...

MAN! I'm BUMMED. I rally fell off the AR wagon...hopefully, you'll let me climb back on this Spring...it's those Bible Studies that get in the way!! :) Just kidding. Glad you had fun!

COURTNEY said...

I was so glad they won! It made me all happy inside for the next 12 hours. :) Season 13- whoo-hoo!!!

I'm officially an adict.

Thanks, guys. ;)