Tuesday, October 14, 2008

La Cocina sin Microwave

It was an interesting week in the kitchen at home. We Americans get so used to the amenities we have readily on hand: electricity, running water, freezers, microwaves. For instance, can you imagine life without a microwave? I can! It's really easy after this week!

We get so used to throwing something into the microwave to heat up for a meal. But last week I had something going in the microwave for a couple of minutes when suddenly the microwave started making this buzzing sound, smelling bad, and not heating anymore. Astute as I am, I realized that the microwave was not supposed to be doing that. So I gave it the quick fix test: unplug it and plug it back in; maybe it will reset itself. Didn't work. So I hoped leaving it unplugged overnight might be the remedy. Nope. That didn't work either. So, after a phone consultation with my dad, I realized my final recourse must be to buy a new microwave. So we went for a whole week without a working microwave in the house: no quickly reheating food, no microwave dinners, and, horror of horrors, no microwave popcorn. We had to either eat cold macaroni and cheese (which I did--but I do that anyway, so that was no big deal) or figure out a way to reheat something in the oven (or bring it to work and use the microwave there).

I am very thankful for good church friends who were able to install my new over-the-range microwave yesterday (I didn't want to pay H.H. Gregg the $119 installation fee).

I know people in other countries or in times past have gone without microwaves, and it IS possible, but I am very thankful to have a working microwave!


Time That is Left said...

yay for microwaves! :) Ya so dont think im going to bethel anymore....way too expensive:( any good piano teachers up at maranatha maybe?

Erin said...

We didn't get our first microwave until I was in elementary school. So I remember heating leftovers on the stove or in the oven. I still do sometimes if it will get soggy in the microwave. It's true that we are so spoiled here. Glad that you had help installing it.