Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Letter 2008

Merry Christmas 2008!

Same old, same old. That’s basically my report on the last year.

Basically my personal life hasn’t changed at all. Concerning my job, my house, my dog, there’s nothing really new to report. But there HAVE been some changes in the lives of those around me this year.

I found out this spring that I was going to be Aunt—twice!—this year. My sister Rachel and her husband Mathew had a baby boy (Reagan Mathew) October 10, and my brother Tim and his wife Kristen had a baby boy (Micah James) on November 11! I got to hold Reagan at Thanksgiving when I went home to Michigan, and I’m looking forward to holding Micah when I go with my parents to Virginia Beach for New Year’s!

For spring break I flew out to Virginia to visit Tim & Kristen. We got to visit historic Jamestown and see some of the Naval sites while I was there.

This summer we had a great family get-together over the 4th of July where all four of us kids could be together. I did the same old Vacation Bible School routine—one time at my parents’ church in Michigan and again in Lafayette.

This summer I guess I did start one new thing. I started volunteering at the Faith Community Center where I learned to check people in at the front desk and also got trained in at the café—learning the espresso machine, the ice cream machine, and the grill for paninis and wraps! I have enjoyed volunteering at the Community Center so I continue to volunteer there every other Friday night and on breaks as time allows.

My sister Sarah and I also added a new housemate in August—Sara Denny, who was one of Sarah’s roommates in college. She coaches for Faith Christian School but also has some other jobs in Lafayette. Since she came we did add one new home feature—cable television!

I continue to be involved in playing the piano for school and church activities. I am also active in the local piano teachers’ association. In fact, I am heading up the “Monster Concert 2009,” which will be held June 4 and will involve a big recital with ten grand pianos on the Long Center stage and probably over 200 students from the area.

Our church’s musical this year was called “Shine On Us,” and was a good reminder that in this dark world Jesus Christ is the light. “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” May we all continue to depend on the only truth that is found in God’s Word.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Timothy said...

Thanks for sharing the year's recap. I concur that the great family get-together on the 4th of July was definitely a highlight of the past year. Spending time with family is always a special time in my book, which is why we're so excited that you and mom and dad are coming out here tomorrow! See ya soon.