Sunday, June 14, 2009

Helping Out Dad

Rototilling the garden. One new project I was able to help my dad with this week while I'm at their house. My dad has been sick. He got a disease from a Virginian tick: human ehrlichiosis. Before they figured out what it was, he spent many days tired and feverish before finally being admitted to the hospital--for 5 days. Now he's rehydrated but still on antibiotics and other medicine and still very weak. The doctor says it will probably be 6-8 weeks before he really feels back to "normal." So I'm glad I'm able to be around to help out with some chores while I'm home. Dad helped me get the rototiller (from the neighbor's shed) and helped me get started. Then he supervised.

This week the chores are mowing the lawn and PLANTING the garden...

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Anonymous said...

We are so thankful you are here to help out Dad. Now, it's camping this week!--Mom