Friday, December 11, 2009

Juju and the Christmas Pudding

I taught my Preschool kids this year to sing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" for their Christmas program. We also sang the subsequent verses: "Oh bring us some figgy pudding," "We all love our figgy pudding," and "We won't go until we get some." So in music class I would "pretend" to give them their imaginary "figgy pudding" and they would say please and thank you. I thought it would be fun for the actual program if we had a real live figgy pudding! I looked up a recipe, and figgy pudding is a very dense cake (sometimes made with a spice cake mix) with figs, raisins, and almonds. So my sister Sarah graciously offered to make it the day before the program. So the day of the program dawned and the figgy pudding sat on our stove cooling. At lunch time I turned it out onto a platter and thought I'd put it someplace Juju couldn't reach it--I mean she hadn't touched it all night, right? Of course I should know better by now. I didn't lock Juju up in her kennel...and obviously I should have. Yup. She ate the WHOLE THING. Apparently Juju likes figgy pudding.

So we have been paying the consequences: Juju and I have been up throughout the night throwing up and cleaning up figgy pudding! I have a very sick dog now. I think she is determined to eat herself to death...

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