Sunday, February 14, 2010

February Conference

BCTC. That was a logo that I have seen quite a few times this week as my church hosted the Biblical Counseling Training Conference here at Faith Baptist in Lafayette, IN. (You can find the tag #bctc on Twitter, too!)

My parents have come every year that I've been here, so I think that makes this their 10th time at the conference. They decided to do Track 4 this year, as many of the topics in that track change every year. Of course, school for us is canceled this week to enable the conference flexibility in using the entire campus--church building and community center, too. Since I didn't end up having any nephews to come and babysit this time around, I decided to use my time in serving at the conference. I thought I might have some extra time to get some things done at home, too. Well...didn't end up having much time at home, but it was a good week. This is basically how the week went:

Saturday, Feb. 6: the Solo & Ensemble event I was supposed to spend all morning at accompanying got postponed to next Saturday due to a snowstorm on Friday night. So I had time to do some grocery shopping and cleaning before Mom & Dad arrive around 9:00 p.m.

Sunday, Feb. 7: Church in the morning, Cracker Barrel with mom & dad for lunch, then music rehearsal and the evening session from about 3-6:30. Got home in time to watch most of the Super Bowl and see the Colts LOSE. :( We got out a 2000 piece puzzle to work on this week.

Monday, Feb. 8: The Community Center Cafe was hurting for workers for the conference, so I offered to work from 7am-noon every day. Got up bright and early ready to spend the day serving! Ate lunch with mom & dad around 12:15, then went home. Heard a loud bang in the garage; discovered the spring broke. Muscled the car out of the garage to squeeze in a dentist appointment at 3:00 before music rehearsals in the evening. Made a trip to Meijer to buy chicken & noodle soup for supper. Discovered a 2000 piece puzzle does not fit on a regular sized folding table. But at least we found all the edge pieces.

Tuesday, Feb. 9: Got up again to work at the cafe at 7. Had lunch with Mom & Dad again, then headed home to call a company to fix the garage door. Even though it is snowing they manage to come right over and replace the spring and make it work even better than before--for a fee, of course. Garage door fixed. Check. Squeezed in a piano lesson at 3:00 before running an errand for my friend Norma. Great evening session with James MacDonald.

Wednesday, Feb. 10: Getting harder to get up in the morning, but made it to the cafe to make some coffee! Took mom at lunch time to get her hair cut with my hair stylist. Time at home to get papers organized for doing taxes. Get a call to practice with a student for Saturday. Had time to fix beef stroganoff for supper. Supper ready for mom and dad when they came home at 6:30 while I left for normal Wed. evening Worship Team rehearsal. Still have not found solution to fitting the puzzle on the folding table. Not making much progress.

Thursday, Feb. 11: Manage to roll off the couch and get up. At the cafe today from 7-2. At least I get a free lunch. Run some errands for Sarah, then need to get taxes done, so I head over to my friends' house to use their Turbo Tax. I love Turbo Tax. 45 minutes later the taxes are done. Mom & Dad and I go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Have time to stop at the dollar store and find 2 foam boards--a perfect solution to the puzzle dilemma. Make it back in time for the evening service with Paul Tripp. Puzzle edge now all in one piece--fitting on top of the "table"!

Friday, Feb. 12: Really hard to get up today, but push through. Only work at the cafe from 7-8 since I have an opportunity to help out in the sound room today from 9-11. Conference over. Time to practice with students who are playing THIS Saturday, now. Practice from 12-2. Go home to crash and stay in for supper (chicken enchiladas). Have an exciting game of Scattergories--all 12 rounds--while watching the Olympics Opening Ceremony. Need to sleep. ZZzzzz. Hmmm, don't think we'll finish the puzzle.

Saturday, Feb. 13: Leave the house at 8 to accompany at Solo & Ensemble. Say goodbye to Mom & Dad. Puzzle not QUITE complete (see below).

February Conference is always a busy but fun week as we are reminded of God's truth from God's word.

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Mom said...

Loved your blog. Working my way through bookmark tabs. We have a snow day today.
Love, Mom