Monday, August 09, 2010

End of Summer

Me & Nephew Reagan

Me & Nephews Micah & Wesley

I enjoyed my summer with my family, but summer is over now. :( Even though I'm doing basically the same job at Faith Christian School this year, it will be different because of working alongside some new people this year. Joe Wright is taking over the music jobs of Jack Heim, who "retired" and moved to NC. And Camden Mullis has been hired to take over Joe Wright's former elementary music responsibilities. I am thankful that I have already collaborated with Joe so am already familiar with his style. Last week we had Faith Ministry Team camp, and while it's not EXACTLY the same, it really made me excited for this coming year. After today's Team-Building Retreat, I am looking forward to the new opportunities this school year will have to bring and the new students and teachers to work alongside.

I am hoping to spend more time in prayer for my students this year and take advantage of the mission field that is before me. Let the school year commence!

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Love the pics and article.