Wednesday, December 06, 2006

This Isn't My House...

...but it'd be cool if it was! (although a lot of work and very expensive, probably)

I love Christmas lights, and I saw a video once of someone who had set their Christmas lights to music so that different ones went off and on as you listened to a festive tune...some sort of gizmo run by a computer and with music broadcast over a radio channel and whatnot.

Last week I saw a news story that there was an actual house about a half-hour away (in Battle Ground) that had done this and was hoping to visit it sometime this season. Well, come to find out, this house just a few blocks away that I walk Juju by almost every night (depending on my route) did the same thing! So just a few blocks away we can enjoy this wonderful phenomenon of dancing Christmas lights. It's pretty cool. Last night Sarah and I drove by, parked, and watched all 3 songs. It was pretty cool!


jonhaynie said...

You mean the one thing from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra? You've probably seen it, part of it was on a Miller Lite commercial. The whole thing is cool, though. The music is a little hyper-ish, but I love it for the lights. Great Christmas lights there.

kiwi said...

ooooohhh, i'll have to stop by your house sometime so you can point them out to me! sounds super kewl! i love Christmas lights, but my parents are too cheap to put them on our house... we have a pretty sweet Colombian nativity scene in our family room though ( :