Friday, July 27, 2007

The Price is Right

I love watching the Price is Right when I have the time, and I've enjoyed the summer reruns, but I can't imagine the Price is Right without game show host Bob Barker! I remember growing up, helping mom fold laundry while we watched the Price is Right. Of course, Bob Barker was still the host even then. I don't know how it will be with Drew Carey as least his name has the same amount of syllables, so when Rich introduces, "and now, the star of the Price is Right: DREEEW CAREY" it can at least sound somewhat similar. I just hope Mr. Carey keeps it as family-friendly of a show. But I just can't imagine it being the same.


Sarah said...

does anyone else cry during the price is Right?
maybe I wont get teary with Drew as the host?

jonhaynie said...

Never really watched it that much.

Although, I do wonder if Wheel of Fortune will still be the same after Vanna and Pat retire? Or Jeopardy without Alex?

steven said...

First of all, Sarah, you might want to look into some anti-depression meds because of the crying during The Price is Right. Also, no one could ever be as condescending as Alex Trebek.
"No. The correct answer was Charlemagne. You move to LAST place and lose all your money because you're an idiot."
Alex Trebek will give you something to cry about.