Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Vacation: Part 1


A big part of my summer vacations is spent in Vacation Bible School, and this summer was no exception. I didn't capture any pictures from VBS here in Lafayette, but it was June 18-22. I was involved with music and powerpoint help with that (and working behind the scenes helping to organize it, come up with songs, etc.). But then I brought a lot of decorations from our VBS here in Lafayette up to MI July 2 when I went up to the U.P. because they were doing the same Rescue Zone Bible School July 9-13. So we had a truck in the 4th of July Parade and Juju and I walked in that, passing out flyers and candy--Ju helped eat the candy too. ("Did you know your dog is eating candy?? Your dog has a wrapper! Your dog has gum stuck to its paw!" Thankfully that gum came off quite readily!) Then we decorated for VBS and I helped organize it and get the prizes put together and songs and orders put together. Thankfully we had quite a good crew of helpers for everything. We were a little disappointed in the attendance because our high day was only 27. But it was an easy number of kids to work with and once things were planned out it seemed to run quite smoothly. We had a good attendance for the closing program on Friday night, too. VBS just seems to tire me out, though. So I enjoyed sleeping when I could. I enjoyed doing a few other things while I was home, too, but I'll write more about those next time. I traveled for about 11 hours yesterday coming back to Lafayette, so I need to unpack today, get the mail read, etc., etc.!

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