Monday, July 07, 2008

Limber Tail Syndrome

I thought Juju had a broken tail. Thursday night (July 3rd) we had a fun time out at Lake Superior and the beach at Little Presque Isle, then time at the Carpenter's house in Marquette. Juju had a VERY fun time in the water (she'd never really swam before) and playing with Zoey, the Carpenter's German shepherd. That night her tail was very sore and was hanging limp. She would try to bite me when I touched her tail and had a very hard time sitting down. Since it was Friday, the fourth of July, we thought of taking her to the vet, but they probably wouldn't be open until Monday. So we thought she'd just have to tough it out--after all, what can you do for a broken tail anyway? But it was kind of weird because no one remembered stepping on it, slamming it in the door, or setting a chair on it or anything.

Saturday Kristen talked to her dad, who is a large animal vet, and he suggested "limber tail syndrome," which is actually a fairly common condition in larger sporting dogs. So I looked it up online (see AKC Labrador Retriever Club's page on "Cold Water Tail.").

Another name for it is "cold water tail," which some dogs can get after an extended time swimming in cold water and lots of activity--both of which Juju did on Thursday night!! Most of the information I've seen says it's more common in labs--yes, Juju is part lab/retriever! Thankfully it's a condition which rights itself (after rest and possibly anti-inflammatory medication) in a few days to 2 weeks at the most. Now, after 4 days, Juju's tail is getting back to its upright perkiness and she's a little more back to her active self. Who ever heard of such a thing as limber tail syndrome??


jonhaynie said...

Weird... never heard of it before.

seminarybeachbum said...

How's Juju and her tail doing now? I love the pic of her by the water--she's got a lot of expression in that shot. Looks like the water is cold and she's hesitant to go in. Hope she's feeling back to normal.

bethoven said...

She WAS hesitant at first--but not after a while. I would say that after 5 days Juju's tail was COMPLETELY back to normal. No further problems! :)