Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mondog Park

So on my way home from my vacation in Michigan on Tuesday I passed through Chicago. It was a beautiful day so I decided to drive right along Lake Michigan on Lake Shore Drive (and Sheridan Road). It was close to suppertime for Juju (5:00) and on a whim I decided to stop off at the lake and feed Juju her supper. After I made this decision, I then had to find a spot to park. I passed a few places where I could have just pulled off on to the street, but I didn't. Eventually I got to the divided highway section of Lake Shore Drive and just picked an exit and found a place to park. I pulled off on Montrose Street. It ended up being further from the beach than I had planned, but as long as we were stopped I decided to walk Juju the few blocks all the way to the beach. As I got closer and noticed how many people were around, I wasn't sure if it was okay for me to have a dog on the beach. Aren't there some regulations about no dogs on the beach? But as long as I was that close I wasn't stopping until I got to the beach. Was I surprised, when I got to the beach, to notice DOZENS of dogs on the beach--off-leash and playing in the water!! Then I realized that they were in a fenced-in area with their owners. Whaddya know? I ended up at Mondog park--a city dog park! So I let Juju off her leash for a few minutes and we enjoyed the beautiful weather.

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seminarybeachbum said...

Nice dog park! Hope Juju had a good time in the water and didn't get another case of limber tail syndrome. :)