Sunday, August 20, 2006

All Moved In

Well, my little sis Sarah is here and all moved in to her red room! She came down on Tuesday night, followed close behind by my parents, who had most of her stuff packed away in their minivan. We spent pretty much ALL day Wednesday, Thursday, and again Friday going through her stuff and my stuff, figuring out where to put things and organizing. Mom and Dad were a HUGE help in buying organizers and getting the garage laid out really nice so we can put both cars in the garage! (Dad even put the finishing touch on my hanging tennis balls from the ceiling right so we know how far in the garage to park!)

Mom and Dad were thinking of leaving Friday but stayed one more day to finish helping get organized. We even spent a few hours at my office getting a few things moved around!

But we did take some breaks to eat out at some of the fine dining establishments in town (Cracker Barrel, IHOP, and Hunan Chinese Cuisine)...thanks Dad!

We were so busy I did NOT take any pictures, but I will have to snag a few soon of some of the new things.

Oh, have I posted about the PIANO yet? I have not...oh, I will have to post about that, too. I got a piano LAST week!!

Okay. Enough for now.


Seminarybeachbum said...

What, you got a piano? So you have a dog, a Mac, a sister, and now a piano all in your house? Man, what next?

bethoven said...

Yup. This was definitely my summer to acquire "stuff"!

Hmmm, I guess the only thing missing is a man. I guess if I brought home a husband I could get rid sister. But I think she's pretty safe. :)

Sarah said...

you forgot to mention that your very generous sister took everyone out to Panara bread....sheesh. Thanks for all stuff u did for me to help me get all moved red room is pretty sweet and with all the junk I brought in there it looks even more flippin sweet! adios amigas

Seminarybeachbum said...

Ah, so you caught my sly little subtlety, eh? :) I thought I'd leave it at the subtle level on this post.
Glad to hear that your sweet sister occasionally takes people out to Panara. She sounds swell.