Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Rules of Thumb

Three rules I have discovered in the past 3 days:

1) Always use your mirrors when backing out of the garage.

2) Be extremely cautious when setting a glass of orange juice somewhere that your puppy can spill it on your laptop.

3) No matter how late you are running, always put your puppy outside first thing in the morning. Period.

*sigh* It's been an interesting three days...


Sarah said...

good thing it wasn't your car and it's a good thing u have a sister here who can finish cleaning up your dog's mess after u didn't put her outside soon enough..sheesh...what would u do w/o me

Seminarybeachbum said...

Your poor garage, your poor sister's car, your poor laptop, your poor carpet.

Sounds like a discouraging past three days.

But God's still in control. Though He's the Creator of the heavens, the vast universe, and the infinitesimal speck in it all called earth (refer to your Wednesday, August 09, 2006 blog), He is near and in control of every "circumstance."

That being said, I hope you don't come up with any more "rules of thumb" anytime soon. And maybe think about getting your sister's vision tested. Your garage will thank you.