Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Juju's Friends

The neighbors behind me got a puppy this summer--Chi (short for Malachi). Juju missed Chi as he was gone with his family camping this weekend. I went over to their house to feed their cat each day over the weekend and Ju came with me, still looking for Chi. At home, she would stare out the door, hoping to see him out in his backyard. When he's out they can usually greet each other at the ends of their ropes. At the end of last week, as Juju was playing with Chi, another neighbor dog Odie wandered over and all 3 of them were in the backyard romping around. Juju loves spending time with her "friends"!

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Anonymous said...

oh man! Beth - I've got to tell you about my brother's house!! Remind me next time I see you. It has to do with invisable fencin and the neighbor's dog - really cooL!