Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Men are from...?

So here's another post I've been thinking about for a while...the differences between men and women. Please take this in the humorous spirit with which it is intended.

In my profession I work with a variety of men: the head of the fine arts department, school principal, school administrator, and co-teachers are men. Also in the music ministry at church I'm surrounded by...well, guys. And I do a lot of work for the school in the sound room, again, with men. But I also have quite a few fellow teachers who are women.

So over the years I've noticed a few differences that have helped me to relate, especially when big events like program days come around.

Men=military. They understand chain of command. You are only required to do something if you are assigned to do it. If it doesn't get done it is not your fault because it wasn't assigned to you. When the big event comes (like program day), you do just what you are assigned to do--nothing more. If something goes wrong we will evaluate the timeline and see what needs to be revamped for the next time around.

Women=nurturing. We want to do our jobs and help everyone else do theirs too. Not only do I want to know where I'm supposed to be and when but also where everyone else needs to be so I can help them get there. I require lots of information. I have a hard time trusting that all the details have been covered unless I can see it for myself.

In coming to understand this, it has helped me to relate to co-workers in a (hopefully) helpful manner. I try to find that fine line between asking helpful questions to see if a task will be taken care of and where I need to butt out and say "this is being taken care of and it's not my responsibility." There's a balance between overstepping my bounds as a teacher and not overruling the authority in place. Hopefully in figuring this out I can be more helpful to those around me and find out what I need to know to make sure things happen...and what I don't.

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