Friday, July 26, 2013

Misconception #1: MKs are unique.

[This is the first in a series of the Top 10 Misconceptions some MKs face.]

Missionary's kids are not different from other kids. Yet in the church it is easy to feel as if people in the congregation, or even our parents, have different expectations for us than "regular kids." The reality is we are all sinners in need of a Savior. Pastor's kids are the same as everyone else's kids. We should all be learning and growing. I should not be expected to obey because it makes my parents look good, but I should learn to obey because I want to please Jesus. Along the same lines, pastor's kids deserve the same grace as the other sinners in your congregation. Sometimes, it can seem to a pastor's kid that their parents are willing to forgive everyone else, but they themselves will not be forgiven. Just like other children, MKs need to feel the unconditional love and acceptance from their family and have a safe place to be pointed to the love, mercy, and grace that come from an understanding of our position in Christ because of the gospel.

On the other hand, there are similarities that MKs share with each other, and it is fun to find those common bonds between other MKs. This is probably one of the reasons I have so many fond memories of our week-long CBM family conferences in Iowa with other MKs.

I had to accept Jesus as my Savior just like anyone else. I was saved at the young age of 4, but I am thankful that I still remember the occasion. My mom must have just started homeschooling me, because I remember I was sitting at my desk in our basement schoolroom, and my mom went upstairs to fix lunch. She told me NOT to move my desk. Well, I remember wanting to move my desk. In that instant I realized that I was a sinner who wanted to do wrong things. I knew I was on my way to hell, and I imagined hell as an evil place with jail bars, and I would be stuck in a roaring fire forever. Right then I prayed and asked Jesus to be my Savior, then I told my parents about my decision.

Reality: We are all sinners.

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