Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Misconception #9: I Am Single so Submission Doesn't Apply to Me.

[This is the 9th in a series of Top 10 misconceptions some MKs face.]

Sorry for the delay in posting. Life got away from me. But I found my notes again so will finally wrap this up!

Even in my singleness, submission does apply to me. Humankind was made to function under authority. There are all sorts of times when I am called to submit to someone in authority over me, whether it's a boss at work, a government official, or my pastor.

I remember a specific instance of this in college where I had been thinking through ways where I could be more submissive. In my human nature, I want to be the one who is in charge and in control. There was a day when something as simple as making meat trays where I worked in the kitchen became an issue. I went in to work and began to slice meat as normal for the trays for lunch. I remember deciding to make one fewer tray than normal (or something like that) because there had been a lot of leftover meat the day before. Even in something as simple as this, I remember thinking, "Hang on, am I putting myself under submission to my authority in this matter?" And it became an issue for a few minutes in my thinking. "It's not that big of a deal." "It doesn't really matter." But I made myself go to my supervisor and let HIM make the call on how many meat trays should be made for lunch that day. I expressed my opinion, "I think it would be a good idea to make one fewer tray today for this reason" but was willing to be submissive to whatever HE decided was right and fair. That's how I am applying submission in my singlehood.

I've also learned to be submissive to my leadership at work and at church. I'm in a position where I work fairly closely during rehearsals with my music pastor. Our music program at our church has changed somewhat over the years, and musically it has challenged me. I've learned to play in different kinds of styles, some of which didn't start off to be comfortable to me. I don't always get to play the songs or the arrangements I'd like. But I can choose to be a blessing to my pastor and support him and his decisions. I honestly believe my pastors are really trying to put quality effort into discovering what God wants for our church and really and truly seeking to please Him.

I want to Present my Pastor Perfect in Public. If I disagree (in a Biblical way), I can talk directly to the person, not including anyone who is not a part of the problem or part of the solution. God has blessed me with wise leaders in my church who have determined the direction of our church body. My job is to get on board and be a submissive helper.

Reality: God has created us to function under authority.

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