Friday, June 23, 2006

Dog Days of Summer

Well, it is now officially summer, and I am in the middle of doggie days!

Juju (as Jubal Lee will now officially be called) had an eventful morning. She had an 8:45 vet appointment at Creekside Animal Hospital and had all sorts of stuff done! She had her first deworming medication (2nd dose to be given by me in 2 weeks), her first shot, her nails clipped, her first doggie treats, and her first weigh-in: 9.1 pounds! She has pretty much slept since then! I hope she is still able to get some sleep tonight!!! She doesn't like being in her kennel yet, and she's pretty vocal about it! But she's gotten better at being gated into the kitchen by herself, so hopefully the kennel will come too. She's not a very good watchdog yet, as she doesn't yet recognize the sound of the doorbell (sleeps right through it) and isn't quite sure where "her" territory is yet. But she does know how to run and hide inside the house when she hears another dog we'll have to work on meeting other barking dogs eventually, I think!

I could try to describe her, but it's better just to meet her. :)

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La Profesora said...

cute doggie. when we were on deputation for Ecuador years ago, we did lots of VBSs in Michigan, and they looked similar to your pictures. Those were good times.