Monday, June 19, 2006

VBS The First

Guess where I'm updating from??!! My new MacBook--which incidentally arrived at my house EARLY while I was on vacation--which was a problem trying to get it delivered...but it worked out and I arrived back in Lafayette yesterday and I have it up and running! :)

I was in Ishpeming, MI last week for Vacation Bible School at my parents' church. What a week! My last post had some of the totals, but we were expecting about 50 kids. We had 43 on Monday, 57 on Tuesday, 67 on Wednesday, 66 on Thursday, and 81 on Friday for water day!! Do you ever feel like you are getting unexpected blessings from God? I felt spiritually unprepared for this week; I had barely--if ever--prayed about, but for some reason God allowed all these children to come. Many were from other churches, but I think we had a few contacts from the trailer park across the street from the church! And we raised over $600 in pennies for the Flinck family to help them get on their way to Chile! We also had a good turnout for the Closing Program on Friday night as well. I pray we were able to be a good testimony to some area families and maybe build some new relationships. As I drove back home Sunday I realized how easy it is to try to be independent of the work of God. I was convicted of how easy it is to think we did some great thing, or else how easy it is to be working so hard at getting ready for these kids that we fail to acknowledge God's work in it all. I pray that the Lord be honored and glorified for the strength to make it through the VBS week.

Now...on to the Second VBS Week--here in Lafayette we're doing "Set Sail! Spread the Good News" during the evenings this week. There are more kids here, but there are also a lot more helpers, so my job is actually easier this week! We'll see how it goes tonight!

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