Saturday, June 03, 2006

Transforming a Room

A new adventure: painting! I haven't done much painting before, but I'm game to try new things, so here I go! Yesterday (Friday) I painted my guest bedroom red--it's a pretty unforgiveable color for a first paint job, let me tell you! My sister Sarah said she'd come live with me if I painted her room red, ya go! The pictures are before, during, and after. I'm basically done now even though I'm not very happy with my trim job--but it looks good from a distance!

I am planning on painting my living room this summer, too (legend tan), but after this job, with my aching back, I'm not sure I want to. There is a painter in my church with 3 high school sons who may be available to help, though. And if he can come over...maybe he can fix my floorboard trim job in this room too. We'll see. I think I'm a pretty messy painter. But overall I was very pleased with the color (good pick, Sarah!) and the amount of paint I had purchased (used about 2 and a quarter gallons for 2 coats).

Every time I pass that room now I have to look and see where all the bright color is shining from!


The Hill family said...

Looks great Beth! We actually painted our kitchen red as well. I will have to send you some pics! It took like 5 coats though....we didnt know you were suppose to prime with a gray...oh well! Happy Red Room!

Michael & Sandra Herriage said...

Looks great, Beth Beth! I'm not that brave yet. Maybe in the new house we'll do some creative painting. Is your sister really coming to live with you? That would be awesome. One of my sisters lives semi-close and I'm able to see her several times a week and it is SO nice to have family nearby.

SRH said...

Well, you'd better get that floorboard painting corrected if you want me to stay there :)
It looks good -- maybe I should purchase some really dark sunglasses before come down to move.

SRH said...

BTW, it looks like I'll be getting a nice view into your neighbor's house!

kiwi said...

it looks nice! i'm planning to paint my room soon, probably lemon creme color!

bethoven said...

The plan is for Sarah to move in with me in August! I'm looking forward to having her!

Joe Wright's supposed to be coming over Thursday night to paint the living room and I'll see about fixing the trim work.

Sarah--I usually keep the blinds closed and so do the neighbors! :)

BTW, I never want to paint again!

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