Saturday, June 24, 2006

Juju's New Toy

Here are some pictures of Juju and her new toy! Juju and I went garage saling this morning--Juju's first experience out walking in the neighborhood. Of course, she hasn't gotten the hang of walking on a leash yet, so I carried her on her first walk. That 9 pounds starts to get heavy after a little while, too! She met a lot of new people friends and met a few other dogs: got a little baggie of treats from one lady, had pictures with another couple of ladies (who almost didn't give her back) and a bowl of water, and did explore a couple of garages. After an hour and a half or so she and I were both getting hot (Juju likes her shade and cool places to lie down--like wet grass and damp cement--both of which I had to carry her away from while we were out) so we came home to take a nap--and play with Juju's new toy: a big red stuffed dog.

I got a couple of board games and a basket for Juju's toys and a new book, but my favorite purchase was a 25-cent stuffed animal for Juju. Right now it is bigger than she is, but pretty soon that will change!

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