Friday, October 06, 2006

Grandparents' Day!

(5th Graders at Recess)
Whew! I made it through Grandparents' Day! (BIG *sigh* of relief) Yesterday Grandparents' Day moved me to tears but the program today went very fact, I don't think it really could have gone better! The preschoolers sang well. No one fell off the risers or threw up or fainted. The remote worked for me to click through the powerpoint. I didn't forget any powerpoint slides. There was a man in the sound room who knew what he was doing and didn't miss any mic cues (even though he had never rehearsed with us). I had about 60 pictures to scroll through beforehand when on Wednesday I had 0. (Thanks to all the teachers for donating pictures...that's also where I got these cute pictures from...going around and taking pictures of random kids doing random school things to show in a presentation beforehand...which got put together at 7:30 this morning!) The Piano Prelude went well and was even the right length!
I am thankful that I also had a good night's sleep last night (unlike some previous years) and woke up with new ideas on my mind and things to get done this morning, but it all worked out.
But I am SO THANKFUL that it's over!
I have to admit that the last few days I have NOT been relying on the strength of the Lord. I have been trying to do everything in my own strength. That definitely leads to frustration and tiredness! As I was sitting down and finally enjoying the program today; I was reminded that I should be relying on God just as I was relying on the remote that I held in my hand that when I clicked it would advance to the next slide (or sound effect). (Well, theologically I'm sure that's not totally accurate, but I think you get the idea.)
There are special blessings that come as we rely upon God, too. He also provides us with others who are available to meet our needs. I'm thankful I have friends that will bring me food for supper (like the Knolhoffs did last night) and a sister who can let out and feed my dog (thanks, Sarah).
It is so easy to try to do things on our own, but that's why God gives us a church family and the Body of Christ to come alongside us and strengthen us and take off some of the load.
On a side note, I am also thankful for the fellowship I was also able to enjoy with Aunt Louise while she was visiting this week. She commuted to Indy every day, but we were able to chat as we took our evening walks with the dogs and when we were able to go to Cracker Barrel Wednesday night. Oh yes. And watching the Dutton kids went well, thanks to Sarah and her schedule. I've been to more soccer and volleyball games than ever now thanks to them!
But God's grace is definitely sufficient!


the Psalmist said...

On a slightly related note, I've always thought that being a grand parent would be dreadfully fun. I plan on attending Grandparents' day sometime... In few years or so...

sarah said...

WEll, I'm glad u don't have all that stress on u now and u can relax a litte bit more. glad the program went well too...yay.

Mom said...

Thanks for letting us know how Grandparents'Day went. I was thinking of you and the power point you were going to do and we were praying for you. 2 Cor. 3:4,5