Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Poor Puppy

Little, 40-pound Juju is recovering from surgery. She had her routine operation to be spayed ("neutered") on Monday. Bob Barker would be proud. I brought her in to the vet around 7:45 and picked her up at 2:30. She was definitely still under the "influence," unsteady on her feet, droopy, and just prepared to sleep. I think this was the first day she didn't have an evening walk of some sort. She was pretty out of it. She has pain meds for the next 2 days, but they said she should be back to normal in a day or so! (She was feeling well enough at 2 AM to start digging through the trash again!)


Sarah said...

it's unfortunate she's feeling better...I was enjoying her not in my face everytime I sat down..oh well

seminarybeachbum said...

Juju's up to 40 pounds already? I thought you were putting mice traps in the trash to disuade her from digging through it. Maybe it's time to upgrade to bear traps?

G-Knee said...

poor Juju. Unlike Sarah, I'm glad she is feeling better...poor little baby. I'll try to bring her a get well treat for our Amazing Race night. PS I watched the online "Finish Line" where they talk to the people that lost the night before and Peter was REALLY getting it good from all sides.