Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Poor Puppy

Little, 40-pound Juju is recovering from surgery. She had her routine operation to be spayed ("neutered") on Monday. Bob Barker would be proud. I brought her in to the vet around 7:45 and picked her up at 2:30. She was definitely still under the "influence," unsteady on her feet, droopy, and just prepared to sleep. I think this was the first day she didn't have an evening walk of some sort. She was pretty out of it. She has pain meds for the next 2 days, but they said she should be back to normal in a day or so! (She was feeling well enough at 2 AM to start digging through the trash again!)


Sarah said...

it's unfortunate she's feeling better...I was enjoying her not in my face everytime I sat down..oh well

seminarybeachbum said...

Juju's up to 40 pounds already? I thought you were putting mice traps in the trash to disuade her from digging through it. Maybe it's time to upgrade to bear traps?

Anonymous said...

poor Juju. Unlike Sarah, I'm glad she is feeling better...poor little baby. I'll try to bring her a get well treat for our Amazing Race night. PS I watched the online "Finish Line" where they talk to the people that lost the night before and Peter was REALLY getting it good from all sides.