Thursday, October 12, 2006

In the Windy City

I'm in my hotel room in Schaumburg, IL right now, posting from my snazzy laptop. We (basically all of the teachers from my school) are attending a Teacher's Conference (for AACS in both IL and IN) here in Schaumburg. Jana Pendl and I are staying together, and we were just looking up places to visit tomorrow when we go DOWNTOWN Chicago. And the best part is that we're going to go see the musical show "Wicked" at the Ford Theatre! Tomorrow night at 8:00. I can hardly wait!!!!!


Sarah said...

WEll, I'm glad that u enjoyed the ending of Wicked more than I did and that u were able to spend some super quality time with your fabulous sister in Chicago too....ahem, u forgot to mention that...peace out

Sarah said...

Hey Beth! Glad you had fun with Jana in Chicago! Thanks for all you do around here! We are so lucky to have you.
I love you!!!
Sarah Curtis

The Hill family said...

OHHHH BETH!!! Did you like it? Was it "Wicked" Awesome?!?!? COOL! MISS YOU GUYS! Awe...Jana. She needs a blog!!!! Get right on that BETH! Ha ha