Wednesday, November 22, 2006

In Defense of Juju

Sarah is ecstatic that she gets to be home alone with Juju over the next 2 and a half days while I go to Chicago for Thanksgiving. But she IS back on speaking terms with the dog.

In defense of my puppy, she is still only 7 months old, by all accounts still a puppy, and definitely still in the training stages. She is still distracted by all sorts of smells (trash, socks, laundry, food) but is gradually learning what is acceptable and NOT acceptable to chew on. She does well at walking on a leash and is getting really good at sit, and is even learning to heel. She loves water and didn't mind getting a bath tonight. Hopefully the medicated shampoo I tried will help with her itchy skin. She is a vey loveable dog and loves to cuddle (yes, and sit on your lap). I tried to weigh her tonight and came up with about 45 pounds. And she is pretty quiet as she only barks to go outside or when she really wants something. And she is great with kids and other dogs. And VERY friendly with people...

Anyway, have a happy Thanksgiving. At least I am thankful for my puppy, even though she is a handful at times.

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jonhaynie said...

Puppies. I love puppies. I love all baby animals. But I even love puppies when they grow up.