Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Where has it gone?

Someone told me on Monday that Thanksgiving is next week. I didn't believe them. I had to get out my calendar and look it up for myself. Yup...Thanksgiving IS next week. Where has the month gone? So tonight I am sitting on my couch on a cold, rainy day relaxing by watching a movie, finally having a moment to reflect upon the brevity of the rest of the year, trying to remember what I've been doing this month.

The first weekend of the month I spent helping Laurie Dutton (& Titus Justus) with music at an Elizabeth George conference an hour north of here. That was a long rehearsal night but an enjoyable day at the Saturday women's conference.

We had a big Veterans Day chapel that I was in charge of getting the powerpoint ready for last week.

Last Saturday I had piano students involved in an all-day festival where I was also helping to get the rooms set up and cleaned up afterward. I gave Theory tests in the morning and judged repertoire in the afternoon.

This week has been our 4th-6th grade Fine Arts Festival at school. Monday I accompanied for some brass players. Tuesday I was in charge of the piano festival, and Thursday is my day to accompany a whole host of elementary singers!

Sunday is a big day for music at church, too. We have a big Praise & Thanksgiving service at church, complete with 3 choir numbers, congregational music, and specials. So we have a rehearsal on Sunday afternoon for that too.

Otherwise I haven't been up to much besides my normal schedule of piano teaching and accompanying--and squeezing in a chapter or two of some of the latest Karen Kingsbury books, which are hard to put down!

I am really looking forward to this Saturday when I can get caught up on some housecleaning and rest!!

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The Hill family said...

Man Beth, stop being so lazy and get up and do something!!! HA!!!