Tuesday, April 25, 2006

"The Beautiful Ten"

There is a phenomenon sweeping the blogosphere known as "The Beautiful Ten." This is a revolution, as I understand it, to recognize the beauty around us by listing our top 10 most beautiful things. ("A thing of beauty is a joy forever"--John Keats.) This worldwide phenomenon has spread to a grand, far-reaching total of...2 blogs that I have seen (other than the original posting). And the honor has been bequeathed to me (on the 24th day of April) by my good buddy Banke$. (The other post on this topic is on 4/19 by Beth Viars.) It originated with someone who goes by Father Brown, whom I do not know. But first, you must read the rules in accordance with which this list is compiled. (Rules taken from Father Brown's original post.)

1. You cannot list abstract ideas (i.e. love, truth, etc.).
2. You cannot list people (i.e. Tom Cruise).
3. You must have experienced each item on your list. If you’ve never seen Paris in the spring, then you can’t list it.
4. No commentary is allowed. Avoid the urge to explain why you think such-and-such-a-thing is beautiful.
5. If you post a list, you must invite at least one other blogger to come up with his/her own list. (There is no limit on how many people you invite to join you.)
6. When you post your own list to your own blog, you must include these rules.

So, here goes my list of the Top Ten things I have experienced as most beautiful:
10. Going home to a clean house after a long day and watching a good movie with a bowl of popcorn.
9. God's creation as seen in Glacier National Park in Montana.
8. The Keweenaw Peninsula (in Upper Michigan) in the fall.
7. Walking in the woods with a faithful dog/the sunrise from The Bluff in Ishpeming, Michigan.
6. Canoeing on a river in Canada/walking the sandy beaches of Lake Superior.
5. Playing games with my family at a campsite beside a crackling fire (providing there are no mosquitoes).
4. Singing at the top of your lungs with fellow believers in praise to God.
3. The wedding of a godly man and woman.
2. The funeral of a godly senior saint.
1. The sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross, believing and knowing that He paid the penalty for my sins so I can be forgiven.

And here are the people I would like to continue this revolution, partly because I think their answers will be creative, and partly because I'm sure they always need topics to blog about!
1. Sarah Hill (of Hill's Flippin' Sweet Page)
2. Andrew Doerr (of My Blog)
3. Rob Summer (of A Day in the Life of Me)
4. Rebecca Thomas (of Once Upon a Time)
5. Betty Gray (of A Little Gray Matter)
6. And, of course, anyone else who wants to take part. (and of course seminarybeachbum should post something on my blog since he doesn't have his own yet)

Be sure to leave a comment on my blog if and when you decide to impart your worthy lists of 10 so we can track this growing phenomenon! Happy Blogging!


Father Brown said...

Thank you for doing your part to spread this phenomenon to the far reaches and distant corners of the blogosphere. Your contribution is appreciated. And you have a very nice B10 list, as well.

-Father Brown
(Creater of the Beautiful Ten)

La Profesora said...

who is father brown? is he from Faith?
i enjoy your blog, Beth.

bethoven said...

Sorry, FB, I don't appear to have made a big sensation in spreading the B10 here.

And Profesora, you could check with David Bankes about FB's identity.

Marney said...

Father Brown is Drew Humphrey. He is in college at DePauw (I'm afraid I've just butchered the spelling of that university) majoring in Philosophy, the same as Banke$ (ie, he's one smart boy). He and his family went to our church ions ago and I'm sure, if he reads this, he will have no idea who I am, but I've read his blog with great interest.