Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Weekend

This will be a boring "this is what I've done in the last few days" type of blog, so if that doesn't interest you...tough.

So much has gone on in the last few days, I don't know where to start. The Passion Play was incredible this year. Trey and Deb Garner are awesome (they rewrote the whole thing)! The crucifixion in Scene 1 was very exciting (loud) and theatrical and was actually kind of scary with the earthquake and running off stage screaming and all. And the other new theatrical item with the paralytic man(equin) being lowered from the ceiling and then the switch to a real-live human being was pretty cool, too. The message was clearer than ever, with cleverly-woven writing and humorous points along the way. I'd never given much thought to how the disciples had reacted when Jesus had died...why weren't they at the cross? Why didn't they believe Jesus could rise from the dead as he had predicted? It just shows so much how we human beings truly just don't get it at times.

We had an almost-packed house each night, and the Long Center seats almost 1200, I believe. They said Friday night we had 1090. I don't think there was an open seat on the floor. We had 16 people who filled out the response cards saying they had made the choice to accept Christ as personal Savior! And about 17 more who wanted more information on accepting Christ. Praise the Lord!

From my perspective, I thought Saturday actually went the best. The music seemed to gel more and there seemed to be less stumbling on the actors' parts. Not that any night went really badly, just Saturday seemed to have the smoothest seams, I thought. It's amazing how God can use us in spite of ourselves, though. Friday night was the night that we had huge thunderstorms and the tornado siren actually went off in the middle of the production. But the show must go on! Pastor Viars and Arvid Olson made some announcements at the end about the status of the tornado warnings for the area, and I was thankful I brought my umbrella, but thankfully where I live there were just strong thunderstorms and that's about it. They preempted all the local programming with weather information, so I guess it was a pretty big deal. I watched a movie instead.

Easter Sunday I spent with my good friends the Rausches. They are so thoughtful--they even gave me an Easter basket! I got to color eggs with their youngest (Daniel--4th grade); that was fun. And they even let me have an afternoon nap! We had a great meal of ham, mashed potatoes, and asparagus, and I made this chocolate cheescake stuff for dessert. Then Marney and I got to play a game similar to Skipbo (which she won, but BARELY), we had eggsalad sandwiches for supper, and by then it was 8:30 and time to go home. It was raining and there were tornado watches out again.

Anyway, so that was my Easter weekend. Yup, a pretty boring post, I know. Maybe I'll come up with something more creative next time.


Mom said...

Always enjoy reading what you have to write.

Roberto said...

The whole Tornado alarm thing on Friday kind of freaked me out. What did they do at the Long Center when it went off?

bethoven said...

Absolutely nothing! I heard a few people whispering around me--like, what should we do? But the actors kept on going and eventually the music came in and you couldn't really hear the siren anymore. They just made some announcements at the end on what the weather was doing.