Friday, April 07, 2006

College Reflections

Recently I discovered a new advantage to blogging--reconnecting with old college friends! I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to hear from a college friend who had stumbled across my blog, which led me to discover a whole new blogging world out there--those who have been to Northland Baptist Bible College! (Check out the new set of links on my sidebar to those who have attended NBBC.) Honestly, other than my good friend Jackie and a few other friends who email, send Christmas cards, or prayer letters, I haven't done a very good job of keeping in touch with a lot of college people. Looking back on my college experience, it's not like I did a good job of making friends while I was there either. Let's just say I had/have a lot to learn when it comes to socializing and reaching out. I don't know why peers scare me so much. Put me in with a group of young people or older adults and I'll feel right at home. (I don't know, maybe one of the disadvantages to homeschooling...however some people don't seem to be bothered this way at all.) I guess I just never wanted to be one of those friends who everyone tolerated but no one wanted to really hang around, so I guess I was a little scared to reach out, even to people whom I really admired and wanted to be around. So I waited for them to reach out to me (bad choice; still waiting). ;) Besides, I was very busy with my studies-- music majors do have a lot of practicing and work to do, and I was very content to just go about my own business and not be "bothered" by other people. Plus I was motivated to get good grades and excel in my schoolwork. But looking back, I think I should have tried to build a few more relationships and really get to know some other people and not be so stifled by the fear of man, because there were a lot of great people (as there still are) at Northland! And as I've told multiple people, I don't regret going there for one instant! But, anyway, it' s great to hear from those old friends--some whom I never really gotten to know, but I'm sure could (and can!) still teach me many things about life. What I've learned in thinking through my life experience is that God has not created us to live as single entities (as I tend to do too often). He has created the BODY of Christ. The family of God is there to help each other and encourage each other. I have a wonderful church family who I can call on and they'll be there to help me--as good examples of the person of Jesus Christ. And maybe I can encourage someone else along the way, too. And don't hesitate to reach out!


jrbigman87 said...

and I put a link to yours on my page too!

Marney said...

Guess I'm one of your OLDer friends.
ha ha

Michael & Sandra Herriage said...

It was great to hear your reflections. I remember all the good old days with you on the bottom bunk. :) You were a great roomie and I'm thankful that I had the opportunity and privilege to know you. I'm linking to your blog too (I figure it's okay since you already linked to us). :)

Amanda said...

I'm kinda a home body and not really good at reaching out either, beth. I think for me being in volleyball really helped out at northland. And you're right, music majors do have a lot of practicing to do and are quite busy.
Thanks for being open and for the reflections on the past. Somehow writing is so much easier (i'm sure you'll agree) than talking face to face. It'll be good to get to know you a little bit better through blogging. I'm so glad that i stumbled across your blog.

Katie said...

Hi Beth! I'm also a Northland Alum (N-land baby, born & raised, actually) and remember you; but I don't remember if you were in college when I was too, but I think I was in your brother's class. :) Sometimes the years meld together & I don't remember how old I was when people were there. Anyways, isn't blogging fun? I agree, it's a great place to get encouragement from fellow believers and so fun to get in touch with old friends or acquaintances.

Anways, I just wanted to say hi. I look forward to checking in on your blog! :)

Katie (Patz) Bruno

Betty 'Rie said...

Just for the record, I'm one of those people that would like to get to know you better, but I too struggle with reaching out. With Jack taking up my time so much I feel as though I've fallen into the friendship "black hole". Help!

And by the way, I'm a MARANATHA grad! (wink wink)

bethoven said...

Marney--you're not THAT old!! (wink, wink)

Amanda, I agree--writing is so much easier. I'm glad you found my blog, too!

Sandra--thanks for the link. :)

Katie--yes, I remember you. I agree, blogging is fun! Thanks for looking at my blog.

Betty--even Maranatha grads are welcome to comment on my site! :) We'll have to get together some time...this summer! I like reading your blog to get updates on Jack.