Friday, April 21, 2006

Kid Quotes

A collection of what I get an ear-ful of every week. You never know what kids are going to say!

"This is irreverent, but..." When these words came out of a 5th grader's mouth during a piano lesson, I dreaded what was coming next. Then he said something totally unrelated, and I realize he had meant...irrelevant.

Wednesday night I was sitting nearby my friends Maggie and Jackson, who are approximately 5 and 7. Maggie was picking the meat out of her taco salad, and Jackson said: "She could be a veterinarian when she grows up." Don't you mean vegetarian??

I asked a 4th grade piano student to play something as slowly as a snail. True to her dramatic nature, she played it SUPER slowly, then concluded: "I played that as slow as a baby snail who was just born!"

Occasionally I let kids play with my keyboard, and eventually they discover the sound effects section: laugh, scream, machine gun, explosions. One 5th grade boy had fun playing with the fireworks. Then he said these very clever words about the fireworks sound effect. "But we can only hear them. We got bad seating."

Wednesday I had a 4th grade girl who was very frustated with her "C is for Cookie" song that she had been struggling with for about 4 weeks. I told her, that's why you come to piano, so I can help you learn the song. True to her very outspoken nature, she shot back with: "That doesn't really help, you know." We had a good laugh over that; I knew what she meant. (By the way, she DID pass the song.)

From a preschooler: "Did you comb your hair today?" (Remind me not to try THAT hairstyle again, apparently.)


Roberto said...

Almost like Cameron Fox asking Hannah Rausch "What are those?!?!?!?"

TwoMuths said...

I loved reading these, Beth, especially the fireworks. Kids say the funniest things - I miss teaching! BTW, I love "C is for Cookie" and if I had gotten to play THAT for my lessons, I'm sure I would have kept practicing. :-) LOL.

kiwi said...

wow, those are hilarious...i had many good laughs! i really enjoy reading your blog...keep posting, in your free time, lol!

Emily said...

Ok what's funny is that when I first read it, I read irrelevent, and I had no idea what you were talking, I can't read.

Seminarybeachbum said...

Hahaha...those cracked me up. Too funny.

jrbigman87 said...

It's prety funny that you had so many! They were entertaining!!!