Saturday, May 20, 2006

Gardening Saturday

Saturday was a beautiful, sunny day. So after being treated to a Bob Evans breakfast by the Knolhoff family, I headed off to buy plants (used some gift cards!) and do a little planting. My big purchase was a macintosh apple tree for my back yard. I planted some geraniums around its base because I think my back yard needs more color. My front flower bed is still a work in progress, but I did some rearranging and added some daisies and baby's breath...and an extra geranium that didn't fit in the backyard. And I hung a hanging basket of wave petunias...with some more petunias in a potter by my front door.

It is fun to work outside and enjoy God's beautiful creation.


Seminarybeachbum said...

Such a green thumb. Good choice with the Macintosh apples. Too bad Braeburn apples don't grow around your area. (I feel special that I am the first to reply to your post.)

La Profesora said...

Looks nice. I planted a little apple tree in our yard at Rossville one year. It took several years to become strong and the anchoring you did will help. I love wave petunias! These are Indiana things. I also love peonies, however rapid their season - one of the most beautiful flowers ever and part of the midwest. Hope the weather is nice up there this weekend - it is getting super hot here days.Tell Mr. Heim Sam wants to play along with the band for commencement. See you soon.

bethoven said...

La Profesora--you must be bringing warm weather up from Georgia with you, because it's supposed to be in the 80's this weekend. I passed along Sam's message to Senor Heim!

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