Thursday, May 04, 2006

Goodbye, Reba

Reba Ebony Hill
April 22, 1991-May 3, 2006
I dedicate this post to my beloved dog, Reba, who had to be put down due to kidney failure on Wednesday. Her sister Trixi was my first dog, given to me on my 13th birthday, when the neighbor's dog had puppies. We got Reba on Valentine's Day 1994 from a family in church who had taken her as a puppy. Trixi was killed by a car on December 23, 1995. And now Reba is gone from us. She had been failing lately. From what I've heard from my parents, her sight and hearing was pretty much gone, and she had trouble eating and digesting food due to the kidney failure. My parents finally took her in to the vet to put her to sleep on Wednesday, after she was gasping for breath. She was buried on my sister and brother-in-law's property in a simple ceremony Wednesday night. Goodbye, Reba.


Mom said...

It was a lovely warm evening. We had a the right sized box and wrapped Reba in an old white tablecloth. She really seemed to be suffering yesterday. The ceremony WAS "simple." After digging the hole, Dad dropped the box in the hole and covered it with dirt. We hummed "taps." And we put the grass that Sarah grew for Easter on top of the grave. However, I want you to know that Reeses and Tippy showed no respect for the dead as they were terrorizing one another and romping in the yard and Reeses was rolling in the dirt so that Rachel had to give her a bath in the sink afterwards.

The Hill family said...

Awe Beth! Sorry.....sounds like a lovely goodbye!!