Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My Life is a Rehearsal

It seems as if I'm always rehearsing for something. Last week was the 4th-6th grade elementary Spring Concert on Thursday night and the K5-3rd grade Spring Program on Friday night...for starters. (Besides that I had regular Worship Team practice, Day of Prayer breakfast practice, and rehearsals for the Sunday morning offertory and special. I was going from one thing right to the next!) Thankfully I managed to be prepared for all the programs last week and they all seemed to go quite well. I pulled off a powerpoint presentation apiece for those programs too.

This week is the Preschool (K3-K4) Program Thursday, which is kind of my "baby." Tonight I've been working on the powerpoint and picture presentation for that so we can rehearse with at least some of that tomorrow.

We've also started rehearsing for our 7th-12th grade Spring Concert, which will be held next week Thursday. Plus Tuesday nights is the regular night to have Sunday Worship Team rehearsal (and that was tonight)!!

And today was also try-outs for Faith Ministry Team for next year...but I guess that wouldn't be classified as a rehearsal.

Please pray that I will be able to be well-prepared for Thursday night's preschool program. I thought I had things pretty well under control, but the last couple of days I'm finding out some things aren't quite as ready as I had hoped (like my pictures and powerpoint), so I'll be running around like crazy trying to get things ready for that. That's the next big thing on my mind.

Then it will be off to new rehearsals...graduation is just around the corner, too!


The Hill family said...

BETH! I wish I was there to help you! Remember our all nighter for the grandparents day program....was that the one? I honestly dont remember. I know how hectic things get in the last couple weeks. You are so amazing! I will pray for you! Stay strong and make sure you get your sleep at night! No American Idol for you :-)

kiwi said...

wow, you are super busy! if you need help with anything this week just let me know. i start my lifeguard training friday evening! see ya soon!!!

bethoven said...

Annie! Yes, it was Grandparents' Day. Now I think I've figured out the trick to those movies...but I was working on one for the preschool today and DID think of you!! I'll try to get some rest this weekend...but I do HAVE to catch the Amazing Race!

K--if I think of something I'll let you know!! :) Glad you're back.

Sarah said...

WEll, you're just abou ready to leave our house. I guess you made it through all of your school programs and your surprising ma and pa as a success. YEsssss.

Emily said...

i don't even know how we lost our guide....he was on the back, and next thing we know he was standing in the water a good ways behind us yelling for us to stop. Joy was the only one who saw it, and she was trying to get our attention, but Luke and Joel were at the front of the raft and had just gotten into a good pace...Joel was yelling "row" every time we paddled...needless to say, we were oblivious to the fact that he was gone. haha