Monday, April 30, 2007

Sailor Mark in Chicago

Gardens at Navy Pier

Sailor Helfinstine at Millenium Park (in 80 degree weather dressed in his wool uniform!)

At the end of Navy Pier

Sailor Mark in Chicago

Consuming Giordano's Chicago-style pizza!

Sarah and I were able to spend a wonderful day in Chicago on Sunday! We heard Paul Tripp speak in the 8:00 AM service at church and then left for Chicago--specifically Great Lakes Naval Training Academy--to pick up our cousin Mark to spend a day in Chicago. We picked him up around 12:30 and he had liberty until 8:30 PM so we were able to spend quite a few hours together. We learned all about the Navy. Mark (Sailor Helfinstine) is an E-3, which is 2 steps up from an E-1 (where enlisted men start off). He is in THU (Temporary Holding Unit) until May 9 (hopefully) when he is shipped off to A-School (in Texas) for 6 weeks. The Navy has lots of acronyms! We also spent the day using Navy vocabulary like "scuttlebut" for drinking fountain and "head" for bathroom. We also saw some of Mark's "shipmates" around town.

We spent the day walking down Michigan Avenue, visiting stores like the Apple Store and Borders. We had Starbucks and Giordano's pizza. And then we walked out to Navy Pier. The weather was absolutely gorgeous!


G-Knee said...


PS - I'm planning to send you and Sara and invite for AR final party at my house next week....!!! WOOOOOT! I know who wins!!!

Sarah said...

Awwweeee!! MAARRRKKK!!! It was a fabulous day, fabulous weather with fabulous a fabulous cousin!

Erin said...

I'm so jealous. You went to some of my favorite spots. I am meeting several friends from college in Chicago in the fall. It's our favorite place to meet. You got me all excited!!!!!!!

Smoothie King said...

We need a Giordano's here! Sarah NICE!

I'm glad you guys had good weather! Praise the Lord!