Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sarah's Sleepover

Last night we had some great girls over from Sarah's and Lane Grimes' small groups (from Sunday School) for a sleepover! There were about a dozen of us, hanging out, having taco soup for supper, and then telling scary stories! (clowns and reflective had to be there, I guess) We also played a version of Catch Phrase, in which if you "lost" and the buzzer stopped on you, you had to do a Truth or Dare. Noelle Haynie had to ask a neighbor for an ice cube, Hanna Park had to fit as many oreos in her mouth as she could, Sarah had to eat a spoonful of mustard, and Noelle also had to dig through a pile of flour (with her mouth) for a breath mint.

About 10:30 they took a field trip to Wal-Mart and...other places that I don't want to admit any knowledge of...while I STAYED HOME and cleaned up a bit and went to bed.

The arrived home probably around 1:00 AM and then stayed up (well, sort of?) watching a movie. Even though I didn't catch ALL of the action, I still had a good time. We definitely need to have people over more often for fun nights like this. Next time let's make it a board game night!! Or maybe play Apples to Apples. And next time I'm making chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. :)

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Sarah said...

Man, that was so much fun! We will def have to have a redo sometime!