Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sailor Mark

This is my cousin Mark Helfinstine.

He just graduated from Navy Bootcamp and is now officially a member of the United States Navy. Since he is stationed in Chicago (Great Lakes Naval Training Academy) for the next 2 weeks, Sarah and I are making plans to go up and visit him THIS SUNDAY (April 29) and maybe tour around Chicago for the afternoon. Fun fun!!

Mark went to Faith Baptist Bible College for a year and then a tech school near Minneapolis (where he lives) for a while before making this career choice. He really researched the Navy and knew what to expect going into it. I am proud to have him serving our country!


Erin said...

Did he just graduate in Chicago last weekend? A lady from my church went because her grandson graduated. Who knows, maybe they know each other. Have fun in Chicago. It's my favorite city to visit.

SARAH said...

YAY FOR MARK! YAY FOR CHICAGO! Yay for Mark graduating from Navy Bootcamp so we can visit him in Chicago!