Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Sarah & I carved pumpkins Tuesday night. I would NOT recommend trying to carve a pumpkin designated as a "pumpkin pie" pumpkin--at least one that has been sitting out for a month or so, as they happen to be thick and VERY hard!

Juju loved all the Trick or Treaters--and then she realized that they had candy in their bags, which of course she thought they were bringing to her. So while I was doling out candy to the taller members of the family, Juju would be sticking her nose in the bags of the smaller visitors and stealing their candy. In fact, she took one kid's bag of animal crackers right out of his bag. The mom thought it was hilarious as she explained to her son, "See, the dog knew they were ANIMAL crackers, not PEOPLE crackers!" I also fished Smarties and jawbreakers out of her mouth!


Timothy said...

haha. That Juju. Nice pumpkins...and nice table!

Anonymous said...

LOL...I know you told that to me over the phone last night, so I was telling Mom about it and we were cracking up. That is funny! Thought you probably posted it to your blog, so came on to see what you wrote.

La Profesora said...

Beth - i was reading the quotables below and have one to add from my K-4 class.

Upon meeting with our school disciplinarian to recieve a couple of swats for disobedience, a little boy looked up at Mr. Mac just as the paddle went up and said disarmingly, "I like your hair!"