Monday, October 29, 2007

New Dining Room Table

Woo-Hoo!! I'm so excited to have finally found a good deal on a dining room table! And it only took 2 years!
For posterity's sake, I am going to record the whole story here. So grab that cup of hot chocolate and settle in...
I have been keeping my eye out for an oak dining room table and chairs with removable leaves for a good price. I wasn't ACTIVELY pursuing every garage sale ad, but if I saw one I'd look to see if they happend to have a table. But nothing popped out at me. Then they started including items for sale in the church emails. A couple of weeks ago someone was selling a table and chairs, so I thought I'd at least email and see what it looked like. But it wasn't quite what I was looking for. Then another email came out Thursday afternoon at 3:00 saying an OAK table and chairs were available for $250 OBO. So, since I was still at work teaching piano lessons, in between lessons I emailed for a picture--it was exactly what I was looking for, but it looked really big in the picture and I couldn't tell if there were leaves that came out to make the table smaller, and the lady said she was also sending the picture on to 7 other people, so if I wanted it I'd better act soon. So I emailed back ASAP that if there were leaves in it I'd be interested in making an offer. She said that I was in luck, because there were 2 removable leaves, and the bids were up to $190 by that time. So I offered $200. Then she wondered if I wanted to see it before making the offer because there were other people planning to stop by to see it. (When I got home around 5:00 I even held up the picture on my laptop in the kitchen and thought it looked wonderful!) I figured by that time there probably wasn't a chance of my getting it if there were so many other people interested, and it didn't really fit into my evening plans of grocery shopping and cleaning to make an extra trip. However, I said I definitely wanted it for $200 and I could even get help to pick it up as early as Friday night because I could use the table right away for my company coming this weekend! I was so excited when (around 7:30) she said that I could have it!!

So I called some friends from church that have a truck and made arrangements to pick up the table after their family's birthday party and after I played for a recital at 7:00 (around 8:30 Friday night). This would HOPEFULLY be before my aunt and uncle arrived for the weekend (or even after they arrived would work--more help to move it)!

When we went to pick it up (it was only a few blocks away in the next neighborhood), the lady said she could have sold it 40 times over. I am so thankful I was able to be the "early bird" on this deal! The couple had had the table for about 15 years (apparently it was made in Pennsylvania) but she was getting a new country-looking table. So we picked up the table--David and the truck arrived just about the same time as Uncle Alan and Nancy. It is so wonderful to have an actual table now!



Mom said...

Nice table and chairs!

unt alaine said...

LOVE your new table and chairs!!