Monday, October 01, 2007

Stay Away from the Edge!

So last week I was asked to speak in 3rd-6th grade chapel today. We've had a couple of chapels where each teacher was asked to give a brief testimony of her life and her salvation testimony. So when the original speaker fell through for today I was given the opportunity to share some of my life! I was excited to get to show pictures of my growing up years, my family, my summer, and my dog! I started with Proverbs 22:6, saying how I was thankful for the training I had as a young child (related a little to training my puppy). I came up with an object lesson on "A Lesson from Juju," too. I told a story from this summer of when Juju came really close to falling down a steep slope into the Wabash, and then again when I was afraid she would fall off a cliff. So that was my example for how we should "Stay Away from the Edge," imagining our Christian walk as an uphill trail, and as we climb the Mountain of Godliness we can be tempted to walk (or stand or sit--Psalm 1) near the edge and fall into sin. So we should stay as far away from the edge as possible (from temptations with friends, TV, drugs, drinking, gambling, purity)--and "If it's doubtful, don't do it." So we should stay as close to the "mountain" of godliness in church attendance, reading the Bible, and friendships as possible. That was basically the gist, although of course I made it go longer and more in depth, which I'm sure you don't want to read about. But I have a PowerPoint of about 70 slides if anyone's interested, although sharing with kids is a whole lot easier than talking to adults! It was fun...but I would be ok with waiting another year or so to do it again.

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Mom said...

Hey--would your power point be good for Sunday School when you come up with FMT??

The news today(10/10) is about a four year old who fell over the edge at Grand Canyon and died.