Friday, October 19, 2007

Little Dog Lost

So much has gone on in the last week or so it will take me a couple of blog posts to catch up, but I'll try to make multiple short entries out of it.

Sarah and I were able to go home (to Ishpeming, MI) this last weekend and surprise my parents. We left around 3:30 on Friday and I called Dad just before we pulled into the driveway around 1:30 AM (someone asked if that was to make sure he didn't answer the door with the shotgun...). So we surprised them! :)

Saturday we were able to go to a friend's (Melissa Hedberg's) wedding in the morning, and the afternoon was so gorgeous that I decided to get outdoors and take the dogs for a hike through the woods. Since my sister Rachel and her husband Matt were at the wedding reception with Mom & Dad, we also had their dogs at the house, so I had 4 dogs to take: Mom & Dad's Tippy, my Juju, and Rachel & Matt's 2 dachshunds Reeses and Baruch.

You might notice in the picture, however, that there are only 3 dogs in the picture. When I took the dogs off of their leashes as we reached the trail (around Baby Lake) the girls were pretty good at waiting for me to catch up, but Baruch (the littlest at just barely a year old) apparently just likes to run as fast as he can without looking back. I put him back on a leash but then decided to give him a second chance and see if he would stay closer...nope. So when he had run on ahead I thought I'd teach him a lesson by "disappearing" so I turned a corner (the rest of the dogs followed me) and hiked a different way for a while. However, Baruch never did join us. So when 10 minutes went by and he still hadn't rejoined the group I began to worry. I retraced our whole path, calling his name, then circled back to the next lake, thinking maybe he had continued on ahead after all. Then I thought maybe he had followed Sarah (since she had been jogging the same direction) so I tried calling her on her cell phone. I really didn't want to go home before doing my best to locate the puppy, as I really didn't want to have to explain to my sister how I had lost one of her dogs! When I was running out of options (probably at least a half an hour later), my cell phone rang, and it was Sarah. She asked, "Did you lose one of the family?" Thankfully Baruch had found his way all the way back home and was waiting for us there when we returned. But at least the "girls" and I had a nice long walk!

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