Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sr. High FABA

Thursday and Friday were our Senior High Fine Arts, Bible, and Academic meet held at Indiana Christian Academy in Anderson (about an hour and a half away). Our choir and band both took FIRST PLACE!!

Some other highlights were Elizabeth Kuhns (flute solo) 1st, Joey Wright (trumpet) 2nd, FMT 2nd, and Emily Rausch (music theory test) 1st!

Here are some pictures to commemorate the event:

(well, ok, I'm having trouble inserting pictures, so just imagine the Joey fan club spelling his name, choir warming up, etc.)

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seminarybeachbum said...

Congrats senior high FABA! Way to crush the competition. Congrats Kuhns. Great job, Wright. Way to go Raush. And since I know not Joey or anyone in the choir, my imagination would have been helped by a couple of pictures. Great job ya'll.